More Hawaii

One of the Christmas Dand Sculptures in the Sheraton Waikiki.

We watched the sunrise, hiked, snorkelled and ate shaved ice, which was one of Obama’s favourites eats.

Cactus flower

Tatiana made me swim in the sea, which was good as I’m not a strong swimmer.

Tatiana found a bottle washed up on the beach. It had a genie in it and so we each made three wishes before returning it back to the sea.

We visited one of Obama’s favourite haunts, the Manoa Falls and said a prayer in the hope that he would come back and help America again 😊


3 thoughts on “More Hawaii

    1. Hawaii was amazing πŸ˜‰. I had fun. I’m glad that I stopped off on the way to New Zealand. It was a much needed break after the 5 months cycle touring in Canada and America where I have to make really hard decisions such as – so when should I fly out of Australia to Indonesia- it’s tough I know 😊 (I’m a jammy so and so and I know it 😊)

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