9 days on Oahu

Sadly I had to watch a bit of the new series of Hawaii Five O on the flight over.

I gave myself 9 days here just in case my bike got lost in transit. Luckily it arrived when I did and the TSA opened it and inspected it and they did an excellent job of repacking, so the bike is staying in the box for the next 9 days. I’ve heard that the roads are pretty busy and not very cycle friendly and the Island is pretty well serviced with public transport, also it took me ages to box the bike what with my usual ability to pfaff and the idea of assembling it to box it back up again 7 days later doesn’t appeal as I’m getting slower at dismantling it each time 🤣.

Waikiki Beach


3 thoughts on “9 days on Oahu

    1. I’ve just found out why I was so slow at boxing the my bike in San Diego. It took me ages to fit it in the box and I was getting to the stage where I was going to kick it – because obviously kicking it would solve the problem of course. Turns out that the box that I had in San Diego was smaller than any other box I’d used, hence why it was so hard trying to put it in. Also it took me ages to get the pedals on – which was my fault as I forgot to grease the pedals when I first put them on the bike. Also I’ve been really diligent in tightening up my bolts on a regular basis so they all took a lot more effort to unscrew. I think that I’ve come up with a fair number of excuses when in reality I just pfaff more than ever because I can 😊


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