An Amazing Ride

Today has to be one of my best rides so far.

It was an absolute scorcher. The scenery was amazing.

My day started with having breakfast cooked for me by a Warmshowers host, she wasn’t able to provide me with a place to stay because of work commitments so in the morning she invited me round for a cooked breakfast.

My mudguards had been rubbing and I kept on stopping to try and adjust them, I was getting to the stage where I was considering getting rid of them, I was starting to back up this decision with the idea that I’ll be lighter and faster due to less drag, although I know that when it’s tipping it down I’d be wishing that I’d kept them. I then came across this:

The mudguards are now sorted. These cycle work stations are amazing. Yesterday I had to shove my bike into a very small sports car, someone was kind enough to offer to drop me off at my destination after I got stranded, so my mudguards got a bit bent in transit.

The traffic was pretty quiet on the roads. The shoulder was wide for most of the journey. There were no logging trucks and very few trucks in general. Most cars gave me space. It was a good riding day. I’ve had days in the past whilst riding where my teeth are gritted due to the traffic and lack of shoulder, days where I’ve considered leaving the country earlier than planned as I’ve not been enjoying the ride. Here in the US I’ve not received as much verbal abuse that I would normally receive as a cyclist back home, but the traffic generally is much faster and closer than what I’m used to when they overtake. Today was an amazing ride.


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